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After Your Portrait Session:

Viewing Your Portrait Proofs

You've taken some awesome portraits - now what happens?

The next step after your portrait session is viewing what we call your portrait "proofs".  These are the straight-out-of-the-camera images prior to retouching.  We offer two different options for you to view your portrait proofs.  They are:


Online Proof Album

   About 80% of our families choose this option for viewing their portrait proofs.  We often refer to our Online Proof Album as as our "Smartphone Proof App", because you can actually install our proof app onto your phone or tablet just like you would any other app!

   About ten days after your portrait session we'll send you a link yo your album.  Once you download it, you can zoom in on any of the watermarked images, view them as a slideshow, and share the album with family and friends!  This feature alone makes it a "must have" for families with out-of-town relatives.

   There is no cost for our proof album.  There is a $100 deposit towards your future print purchases required at the time of your portrait session.  You'll receive 100% of this deposit back as a credit towards any print purchases made prior to June 1, 2021.


View and Order in our Studio

   Every once in a while, we'll have a client who only comes in for a yearbook portrait and doesn't have any relatives or friends with whom they'd like to share their portrait session images.  In this case, we offer a Viewing/Ordering Appointment.

   The process is simple.  Just give us a call about ten days after your portrait session to set up your Viewing/Ordering Appointment.  Anyone involved in the selection of images for the your yearbook portrait as well as for the making of prints for your home, family and relatives mus be in attendance.

   During this appointment, you will select the image to be retouched and submitted to your school as your yearbook portrait.  You will also select any images you'd like made in to prints.

   There is no charge for this appointment.