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Our Custom Photo Grad Cards are the Way to Go!

In the old days, the standard was to purchase barely personalized, formal, engraved graduation announcements through your high school with frilly writing inside.  Then, you'd put an expensive wallet print inside the announcement and mail them to everyone.

Then, if you were having a graduation party, you had to send out a separate invitation!

While your close relatives would save the expensive card and the expensive wallet print (and might have even sent you a present), a good 80% of those you sent the card to would look at it, then throw it and the expensive wallet print away.  What a total waste of money!

We've got a better alternative!

Instead of the old fashioned announcements, we recommend you save your money for college and send a custom photo card.  We design them from scratch just for you.  You pick the type font you like, the photos you'd like to use, decide whether you would like to have your college logo on the card, everything is about YOU!

The part Mom and Dad will like is that our custom photo cards are less money than the wallet prints you would have been putting into the expensive, formal announcements.  If you'r ehave a grad party, you'll save even more money because we can combine your grad announcement into the party invitation!

We have hundreds and hundreds of cards we have done for your friends that you can look at for inspiration by clicking here.

Take a look, then give us a call to set up your design appointment.  You'll be glad you did!